Ally Duncan

MBCx | Measurement & Verification | ZNE | LEED
Ally has over ten years experience working as an owner, engineer, and niche energy consultant. Her background combines energy and sustainability experience specializing in commissioning, energy data analysis, and building decarbonization planning. She develops strategies to meet and exceed client sustainability and decarbonization goals, and completes verification of building energy consumption data to ensure continued building performance to meet sustainability goals on time.
“As the effects of climate change could not have been more prominent this year, it's essential we, Stok, be there to support and encourage our clients to strive for more comprehensive solutions to mitigate their impacts on the environment. These solutions would encourage our clients to not only consider energy and water use of the constructed building, but also the energy and carbon related to constructing the building and designing it to have the lowest impact on the environment while being resilient to the effects of climate change for the region (i.e., flooding, droughts, wildfires, increased heat events, increased storm intensity, diminished air quality).”
“A place with an equitable and clean environment for all to experience, where buildings are not only net zero energy or carbon but are self-producing and either store the over-produced energy or share it/send it back to a local grid network. Where there is access and affordability to energy reducing technologies, renewables, and energy storage technologies for the general population, and occupant health and wellbeing is critical. A world that is preserved and restored for future generations to enjoy.”