Jason Breede

As the Director of Commissioning, Jason’s role is to champion the benefits of a robust independent commissioning process during the design, construction, and transition to operations phases of new construction projects. In this role he works with clients and industry partners to develop a commissioning scope and process that helps focus on defining and verifying project outcomes involving the building HVAC, Electrical, and plumbing systems.
“Having worked in the Energy Efficiency, Design & Construction, and Operational aspects of our built environment, I’m often stunned by how often the building project itself seems to be the goal. That “building the building” is what we are all there to do; construction for the sake of construction. For this reason, one of my favorite parts of the commissioning process is helping to develop and refine the Owner's Project Requirements. This document outlines why we are building something. Outlining the goals and objectives and how we can measure success in both the short and long term. Using this tool, we can help shape a project to be more impactful in its purpose, to last longer, to be easier to retrofit, and generally be an asset for society as time marches on.”
“I want to live in a world of kindness. A world that measures achievement in how we have helped others and not in how much we have pilfered, stolen, and hoarded for ourselves. I want to live in a world that values science and reason and thoughtful action over anti-intellectualism, ostentatious displays of wealth, and nativism. I want to live in a future where what we do, what we create, how we dream is seen as a blessing hundreds of years from now.”