Kristen Hershowitz

WELL | LBC | Materials
Kristen is part of the sustainable buildings team and manages teams of people, internal and external to the organization, to help discuss, define, and rethink what is possible in terms of all the different facets of sustainability for a given project. She tries to energize a role of educator and systems thinker by consistently bringing attention to how we can affect systemic changes in the built environment.
“Building trust and relationships with those in the industry so everyone we work with can learn something that they can apply to the next project, whether that is with Stok or not. Questioning assumptions about business as usual, and trying to stay up to date with all the changing technologies that are helping this industry slash carbon and eliminate toxins. Being engaged in policy and advocacy work that shapes the built environment, which has a far greater impact than trying to convince each individual project to ‘be more sustainable’. And finally, listening to the variety of drivers and motivators that each team member on a given project has and offering sustainability-based solutions that address all perspectives.”
“A place where all “waste” produced by humans, whether biological or technical, is used as food/source material input to create new products/services. One in which we’ve fully and satisfactorily corrected systemic injustices to give everyone a fair chance at thriving. Where corruption in politics is 100% eliminated. Where we see global emissions dramatically decreasing and we’ve started to reverse climate change, seeing cooling happen. A future where we’re not so human-centric. ”